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9 Renting tips to be a happy tenant

It is a common practice for people nowadays to rent a property and live there. Contracts between them and proprietors are one of the most important part of the whole process and the relations should be taken care of both parties. Having to deal with a totally strange to you person is not easy, but we are here to give you some basic tips on how to be a happy and satisfied tenant.

1)First of all, if you want everything to go well, you should take into account the whole beginning of the relation with your landlord. This means to carefully read the contract you are signing. We mean all of it. This is not a free ticket to a concert or the brochure of a supermarket. This is the agreement with conditions you have to abide by and be careful not to violate the rules and any of your responsibilities. Read slowly, carefully and at least two times before you are sure you are completely aware of the meaning of the whole contract. You can, and should, ask questions, because you need to be familiar with everything that is and is not allowed in the unit. Is smoking allowed, are pets allowed, can you invite guests, is it possible to leave before the lease is over, etc. Similar questions are better to be asked on time than getting their late answers the wrong way.

2)Get to know the person who lends you the place with simple questions and notice their body language. Open-hearted people tend to give simple answers and getting to the point, while those who have something to hide or prefer not sharing, will avoid a direct answer. Another thing you can do is check their history of landlord-tenant relations. If you know any of the previous tenants ask them about the proprietor and their behaviour. They should help you in creating an opinion for the landlord, and therefore, decide whether they are the right choice. Even if the property looks amazing, if the landlord has crazy thoughts and a history of harassing the tenants – run away!

3)Paying regularly your rent is definitely a duty of yours you should be aware of all the time. A landlord kindly provides you with a place to live in and the least you can do in this case is to make sure your part of the deal is kept. The same rule applies for the bills (if they are not part of the rent and the landlord is not responsible for them, which should be stated in your contract). There are many ways to keep track of things, but if you forget easily, you can write down the important dates and stick the note somewhere visible all the time. This little reminder will help you to be exact in your responsibilities and therefore have a good landlord-tenant relation.

4)Another important step, a very essential one, if you want to be a happy tenant as long as possible, is to make sure the property is well-prepared for you and try to keep it this way. Even if your landlord gives a notice before they visit, you should keep in mind that you should regularly clean the property, not only because you want to meet your landlord’s expectations, but also because it is beneficial to your health. The same rule applies for the time when you decide to move out. Oftentimes, proprietors require a thorough cleaning of the property, before it is vacant, so you should know that and remember it if and when you decide to leave.

5)If you want to be a happy tenant, you should avoid disputes. This means a lot of things and there could be many reasons which can start a fire in your relation with the landlord, but we have a solution. If you want to be kept outside of any disagreements, make sure you notify your landlord for everything that needs to be fixed or repaired in the property. Let’s say one of the taps is broken, or there is a leak in the bathroom, or the door of the wardrobe is broken. In these cases you are not the one responsible for the repairs and you should immediately notify your landlord (preferably in written forms), if something needs to be improved.

6)The same rule applies for any disturbance caused by the other tenants or the neighbours. Notify your landlord, don’t take actions into your own hands, because you might make things worse. Having good relations with the people around your rented property is also desired, if you want to have a calm life.

7) What you should remember, is that you are not allowed to cause damages to the property. Breaking, burning, spoiling is out of the question. And if the place isn’t at its best when you move in, notify your landlord. They are the one responsible for the habitable look of the property, so if you have a problem with something before you move in, you should simply tell. Treat the place with respect and you will receive respect in exchange.

8)The notices you give to your landlord, whether they are for something to discuss, or a repair needed, is preferable to be written. If you have troubles later, having written evidence will help you stand your ground and prove your rightness.

9)Taking photos of the place is an important procedure. When you first move in, just take a few photos of the rooms and their interior. If and when it comes time to leave, you can simply look at them and undo the changes you may have done while living there. It is important to move out and leave the property exactly like it looked when you moved in, so photos will be very handy and definitely helpful in this case.

There are many ways you can achieve happiness in a rented property. Having our tips on your mind is a good way to start. Of course, not everyone might agree with us, but these are basic rules and advices for tenants, which can definitely help them with the relation with the proprietor. Remember to read carefully the contract and fully understand the difference between your rights and the obligations you have.