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How to choose a cleaning company

Taking proper and regular care of our homes can be quite a tough task which consumes most of our spare time and energy. If you have a full-time job and you are sick and tired of spending your free time mopping the floors, dusting, removing the cobwebs, wiping the worktops or changing the bed linens, perhaps it is high time for you to consider booking a professional house cleaning service.

Home care services, staffed with experienced and properly trained expert housekeepers, can be hired for a wide range of options such as:

  • regularly appointed weekly clean ups
  • regularly appointed biweekly clean ups
  • one-off assistance on special events and other occasions
  • assistance on particular need such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, oven cleaning, etc.
    • Cleaning service options

      When you are on a quest of professional cleaning company and service respectively, you can count on online service to sift out your local housekeeping options and connect you with the ones which suit your requirements. You can get in touch with the most qualified, trained, pre-monitored experts for your cleaning project. To put your mind at ease, most of these expert technicians are fully insured and bonded. What is even more, they can provide you with a free no-obligation quote ahead of booking. Usually, standard house cleaning packages include:

      • sanitising and disinfecting kitchen
      • sanitising and disinfecting bathrooms
      • dusting and wiping down surfaces and pieces of furniture
      • sweeping and mopping hardwood floors
      • vacuuming carpets
      • changing bed linens and making beds
      • loading dishwasher
      • cleaning appliances

      There are cleaning companies which offer customisable services to meet their customers’ needs and requirements. The service may be tailored to include:

      • moving furniture
      • dusting light fixtures
      • window cleaning
      • polishing ornaments and woodwork
      • doing the laundry and ironing it
      • mattress cleaning
      • carpet steam cleaning
      • upholstery cleaning
      • curtains and blinds cleaning
      • Choosing the right company

        Some companies have services for larger projects such as after builders or moving out/ in cleaning. Some of these companies offer gift certificates- an ideal gift for friends or new parent. To ensure turning to the right cleaning company, make sure to follow these steps.

        1. Before choosing the cleaning company, have an interview

        Before you book the service, have a talk with the housekeepers. Make sure to ask for references and verify them. Beyond everything else, these individuals will be staying at your home for a couple of hours and you should be as comfortable as possible with them. Mutual trust is of great importance since the housekeeper will be spending time in your own precious home.

        2. Ask who is supposed to provide the cleaning gear

        It is common for the cleaning team to come to the location fully supplied with all the products and tools needed including brooms, various brushes and attachments, detergents, sponges, and vacuum cleaners. In other cases, the cleaning company will let the customer know whether he or she is requested to ensure the equipment.

        In case some member of your family suffers from allergies or other health problems, make sure to let the company know so that changes may be done in advance. If you have domestic pets, it is also necessary to let the company know in advance.

        3. Designate all the areas that have to be cleaned

        It is not a bad idea at all to take your time and consider which areas of your house have to be included in the cleaning service. In case it is crucial to have various zones and areas paid extra attention every different time, try to find the cleaning company that is ready to take your needs and requirements into account, and prior to each appointment, make sure to provide a list of those areas. Most companies provide their housekeepers with a checklist which can be customised to your own liking. Do not feel shy because as soon as you are paying for the service, you have the right to tailor it.

        4. Find out if there are any specific charges or other specifications you need to have in mind

        Get familiar with the terms and conditions of the company if you do not want to be surprised when you have to pay the bill. The type of property you own may also affect the cleaning and its price. Take a look at these cases below and make sure to plan accordingly:

        – The housekeepers might need clearance to enter the property if it is an apartment or complex, for example.
        – Sometimes finding a parking lot may occur as a problem for your housekeeper. You may need to ensure the parking space.
        – Typically, houses have direct entrance. But, some houses are too big or are part of some community. These can also have effect on the service.

        5. Discuss the payment methods

        Make sure to discuss the payment arrangements prior to the first cleaning session. Most companies do have a system in place. In case not, take your time to think whether you want to pay for each visit, or on a weekly/monthly basis. Inform yourself about what is included in the total sum of the service, and what is not.

        If the company supplies the housekeepers with their own cleaning products and tools, find out whether the equipment is included in the declared sum or you will be overcharged additionally.


        To summarise it, here are the key factors you should consider when choosing the right cleaning company:

        – References: You have the right to ask the company to provide you with references and check them.
        – Experience and training programmes: Ask for additional information about the housekeepers, are they trained, how many years of experience they have, are the courses held on regular basis, etc.
        – Insurance: Make sure the company you choose is insured for safety.
        – Customisable cleaning packages: Ask the housekeeper whether add-on services are offered.
        – Equipment: Ask about the cleaning supplies the company makes use of. Are they included in the price? Are they hypo-allergenic, are they eco-friendly?